Request Ride

On the request ride page enter your source,destination,date,time and price and then search.You can select the appropriate search result ,contact user and take ride.

Offer Ride

If you like to offer ride,on the offer ride page enter source,destination,date,time and price and the save.Other users who are looking for ride from your source and destination will contact you.


Pay for every ride that you request for.Get paid for every ride that you offer.You can decide your own price for each ride.

Connected MotorBikes

Using Internet Of Things improvements in public safety can be enriched.We are working to make MotorBikes connected improve transportation for all users and make roads much safer.

Social Platform
for Connecting and
Sharing Rides

DREAMBIKE is a mobile application that connects users who offer rides, request rides from other users.This application is primarily focussed on motorbikes.Users can post a ride request with source, destination,date,time, then the nearest user who is looking for ride can find the search result and take ride by contacting the other user.

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DreamBike Technologies

Adress:Catalyst Building,IIIT Hyderabad Campus,Gachibowli,Hyderabad,Telangana 500032



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